Information about Antalya

Antalya is the 5th biggest city in Turkey according to the population. and considered as the capital of tourism in Turkey.

Information about Antalya (Location and History).

It's located in the south-west of turkey on the Mediterranean Sea surrounded by
the beautiful and famous mountains chain of Taurus which makes it a perfect
the attraction for the world’s natural beauty fans.

Antalya origin back to the Roman era at the time of Pergamum King Attalos the 2nd on 159 B.C., who ordered his soldiers to search for pictures area that shall be called the Heaven of Earth.

The soldiers actively search until they found that area which he called Adalia and later on,
the name was changed to Atalia which was again changed to the present name Antalya
(Heaven of Earth).

Today Antalya city is globally famous and popular due to its unique attractive
nature and excellent touristic services.

The city has numerous outstanding first-class hotels superior quality resort areas where you can find the calm of nature and the bustle of the city. Antalya city current population exceeds 1.5 million.

Antalya real estate sales to foreigners in turkey came in the first position due to the special features of the city which offers comparatively moderate cost of living in addition to the ease of living conditions.

Real Estate Investments in Antalya

Antalya is considered as one of the best city for investment purpose after Istanbul directly, and in some conditions considered better than Istanbul even.

Away of huge projects and the bustle of big cities, the demand of buying properties in Antalya is very high.

Hence, for many years Antalya had been ranked number one city in Turkey of selling properties to foreigners.

Because the demand is very high with limited special offers which are very good for investments.
This is what distinguishes Antalya than other cities like Istanbul especially relevant
to real estate and the investment contracts which do not exceed the amount of 15 million American Dollars.

There are many offers for apartments for sale in Antalya waiting for any investor wishing seriously to invest in the Turkish real estate market and gain profits.

Furthermore, there are many types of projects like as, touristic, lands, apartments, and commercial buildings.

The return on investment is high because of the little difference between the supply and demand.

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