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Required Documents for Buying a Property in Turkey

What are the documents required to buy a property in Turkey?

The passport is the only official document needed by any foreigner who intends to buy a property in Turkey. Accordingly, the passport must be translated and certified by the notary.

Tax number: It is a routine paper that is extracted from the tax department in any city in Turkey. It does not mean that its owner must pay a tax. It is only your “tax number” that you will need for any official transaction in the Turkish Republic (opening a bank account – obtaining a title deed - passport – marriage, etc.) The tax number can be issued without any fees, and it is permanent.

Official Transfer Document: According to the law issued for the month of May of 2022, every foreigner who intends to buy a property in Turkey must pay the value of the in Turkish lira according to the tax assessment of the official real estate expert. This document is issued after the value of the property is exchanged from the foreign currency to the Turkish lira from one of the official banks under the supervision of the United World Company.

Documents required to buy a property in Turkey

It is the responsibility of our company. The client only has to provide us with a copy of his original passport, in addition to bringing it with him when transferring the property ownership.

One of our services is to prepare all the papers required to buy a property in Turkey, whatever its nature, or even investment contracts.

This service is free, and customers do not pay anything for it.