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Needed documents to buy property in Turkey

What are the needed documents to buy property in Turkey?

Passport which is considered the only official document needed for any foreign national intending on buying a property in Turkey.

Tax number which can be obtained from any tax office in any city in Turkey.

Obtaining a tax number does not imply in any way responsible to pay taxes. However, the tax number is needed to complete all official transaction in the Republic of Turkey such as; (account opening, title deed (Tapu), marriage certificate, passport, etc.). the tax number can be obtained without any fees and is done only once.

Needed documents to buy property in Turkey

All related documents will be provided by United World, the customer must provide a copy of his/her passport and the original passport must be presented once the sale process is completed at the Tapu office.

At United World, we pride ourselves in providing all related documents needed to buy any property or invest on Turkey, and this service is free of charge.

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