How to buy a property in Turkey

The idea of ​​buying a property or being a real estate investor in Turkey has recently stopped being restricted to Turkey’s tourists and visitors who had always taken the chance to become real estate owners and investors.

Turkey has become more than that, as it is now the main destination for people who are looking for a safe place to live from around the globe. Or for people who aim to move to cities that are filled with safety, stability, and prosperity.

Consequently, many of them have several inquiries and questions about buying a property in Turkey or becoming a real estate investor, such as what are the property's purchase steps, the required papers, etc.

United World, a professional real estate investment and marketing company, puts in your hands the practical ways of how to buy a property in Turkey, which starts directly from the moment you contact us.

Stages of how to buy a property in Turkey:

Communicate with us through our official websites and social media pages on the Internet or through our offices located in several cities in the world.

You will be accompanied by a professional representative from our company who will keep in touch with you.

Our professional representative will provide you with all the appropriate offers based on the desired image of your new home including preferred location, price, and specifications.

Meet you from the airport.

An initial meeting at the company's headquarters to explain detailed information about the appropriate projects and offers selected by you.

A visit to the city on an introductory tour with the purpose of introducing the main areas.

Visit the appropriate projects and real estate on the ground.

Assistance in choosing the most appropriate and providing advice according to the experience we have in this field.

Preparing the sales contract and arranging the sale process with the other party when you choose the right property. The sales contract will be clear and written in two languages, depending on the seller and buyer.

More information about the sale contract:

Usually, when signing the contract, a deposit must be paid (5% - 15%) of the total apartment value, stating that the remaining amount is to be paid at the title deed center right before receiving the title deed.

Submit the application for the title deed (Tabu) directly and supervise the process of obtaining an appointment by our specialized staff.

Opening a bank account in a Turkish bank to facilitate the transfer of money to Turkey.

Immediately after signing the sales contract, arrangements will be made with the sworn translator (according to the language you speak) to translate the passport into Turkish and to certify the translated copy into Turkish by a notary public.

Extract your tax number, which you need for all official transactions in Turkey. It is an official document issued in the name of the foreign customer, which is directly processed by the United World Company.

After collecting the required papers in full from the seller and buyer, the company officially submits a property transfer transaction through the official website of the Tabu Authority in Turkey. In turn, the expert then evaluates the property to register the official tax value in the title deed.

Immediately after this step, a document must be prepared for the exchange of the tax value registered in the title deed from the foreign currency to the Turkish lira in one of the local Turkish banks, and this document is then added to the client’s file in the title deed.

After this step, the papers are completed, and we will be waiting for the official text message from the title deed office to determine the date of the transfer of ownership and the taxes to be paid for the transfer of ownership (see the costs of buying a property in Turkey).

After receiving the text message about the official date and paying the official purchase costs and taxes, the two parties must attend to the title deed office at the specified date accompanied by the sworn translator according to the language spoken by the customer in coordination with the United World Company. Then the official responsible at the Tapu Center attends the process of transferring ownership. The official asks the buyer if he paid the full price of the property and the seller if he received the full amount of the property, after the approval of the two parties, the seller signs the assignment and handing over the property to the buyer and the buyer accept by signing the transfer of ownership to his name. After that the buyer will receive the official copy of the title deed that shows the following:

  • Full name.
  • Area name.
  • The name of the neighborhood.
  • A picture of the new property owner (buyer).
  • The type of property.
  • Land number.
  • Record number.
  • Floor number.
  • Apartment number.
  • Building number.
  • The price of the property.
  • The date of obtaining the title deed.
  • Archive number.
  • The seal and signature of the official authorized to issue the title deed.

The process of obtaining Tapu for foreign buyers only takes two to four days from the date of submitting the documents.