Properties for sale in Turkey

Process of buying property in Turkey

The idea of buying property in Turkey was almost exclusive to those who visited Turkey on a yearly basis as tourists then became property owners and investors.

Nowadays, Turkey is considered as a haven for many coming from all over the world seeking a safe place to live and settle in cities known for their security, safety, and prosperity.

Naturally, these newcomers will have plenty of queries and questions on how to buy a residential or investment property, the purchasing process and the required documentation just to name a few.

United World - the renowned real estate company in Turkey – provides you with detailed property purchasing process from the moment you connect with us.

Process of buying property in Turkey

Once you connect with us via our official websites, social media sites or through our representative offices across many cities around the world, a dedicated United World representative will be assigned to communicate with and provide you with continuous information on available offer and best deals according to your requirements.

Once you land at the airport, a United World representative will be available to meet, greet and transfer you to the hotel or the company’s headquarters for a preliminary meeting.

During the meeting, a comprehensive presentation will be provided covering detailed information on properties pre-selected by you.

We will take you on a tour around the city covering main attractions and visiting properties and projects on the ground.

United World will be glad to assist you in your selection process by offering sound advice based on our experience in that field.

Sales Contract Information (process of buying property in Turkey)

Once you select the suitable property, the sales process will commence and the contract will be arranged with the other party (the seller) and typed clearly in Turkish and your preferred language.

It is common practice that the buyer shall pay a 5% - 15% of the total property price as a down payment upon signing the sales contract. The remainder of the amount shall be paid in full at the Tapu office.

The application form to acquire the title deed (Tapu) and the logistics of the whole process will be completed by United World representative.

A bank account should be opened at one of the best banks operating in Turkey and is mandatory to facilitate the availability of funds through wire transfers and is needed when applying for the residency permit.

An appointment with a notarized translator will be arranged through United world to come to the Tapu office and explain (in your preferred language) the process of the title deed transfer, property features, parcel No., island No., page No., and any other logistics according to the Tapu officer assigned to complete the title deed transfer.

The Tapu Officer to ask the buyer if he/she had paid the property price in full and if the seller had received the money, after which the title deed transfer is signed by both parties and the new deed should contain:

  • Full name
  • District name
  • Neighborhood name
  • Property owner’s photo
  • Property type
  • Land number
  • Land Partition number
  • Floor number
  • Apartment number
  • Building number
  • Property price
  • Title deed date
  • Document number
  • Archive number
  • Signature and stamp of designated Tapu Officer

The process of acquiring the title deed for foreign nationals usually lasts two to four working days from the time of application in-case one other foreign national has bought a property at the same partition number.

A photocopy of the title deed (Tapu)

 Important notes:

  • All property offers at our official websites and social media sites are suitable for sale and accessible to foreign nationals and are located far away from any police station or scientific research center.
  • With reference to new properties which need a security clearance, there will be a clause in the sales contract voiding the contract if clearance is not obtained without any deductions or loss (down payment or deposit) paid by the buyer.
  • All subscription applications for electricity, water and gas services will be arranged by United World representative.
  • Application for the residency permit and the booking of interview date will be arranged by United World representative.